Boyfriend Series

Fresh essentials and sparse furnishings make the barnhouse a muted escape for the Nordic minimalist.

Coachella Memoir

Crochet crop tops and excess fringe, it portrays a style that has a voice as loud as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang en route.

Curacao Colorblock

With similarities to Amsterdam and a distinctive Caribbean vibe, there’s a dabbling of pastel and an abundance of sunshine in Willemstad’s region of inspiration.

Executive Glam

A flawless transition from business corporate, she sheds her heels and opts for flowing crepes and well groomed down days.

Offshore Mezzanine

Sao Paulo’s native streets mingle with far off Italian islands in the fusion of Euro chic and Brazilian rustic.

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Brands are born in expanses of nature and in the presence of innovation. Our high-end sunglasses brand started in the lap of luxury, at pristine beaches and sunny alcoves. But we didn’t let luxe get to our heads or blur our vision. Instead, we traversed the globe in search of the perfect inspiration to nestle our carefully curated sunglass designs and begin production. It would take months for us to realize that perfect is nonexistent, but that perfection comes from acceptance. Namaste. It’s how our globally inspired journey became the surf and turf of our mission as an iconic fashion staple for every exploring female. It needn’t be Aruba or Greece, but it could start there. Beach Gal sunglasses bring carefully cultivated style perceptions to every beach locale. From urban chic to spontaneous getaway, it’s the adventurous streak which we’ve captured in a most unique take on high-end accessories that bring the beach to you.

Beach Gal is a brand that’s as wildly authentic as the women who wear our high fashion sunglasses around the world. Reserved for the fashion forward, there’s no restriction of color, region, shape or nationality. With Beach Gal, all women of the world unite to create a distinctly beautiful backdrop of style.

Wearers of our high fashion sunglasses often turn heads and always make waves.

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